Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Our Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner is made from only USDA Certified Organic ingredients & water. 

USDA Certified Organic Citrus Extract - kills 99% of germs, bacteria, yeast & mold within 30 seconds of surface contact. Also helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria after use.

USDA Certified Organic Lavender - proven to be antiviral, anti-fungal and antiseptic. The subtle scent is known to relieve muscle & headache tension, reduce stress, improve blood circulation, stimulate & support the immune system and can calm the nerves.

USDA Certified Organic Tea Tree - one of nature's finest antibiotics has the innate ability to discern between the friendly bacteria that are essential to our bodies and the bacteria that are destructive to our health. Tea tree has extraordinary antiseptic power, contains remarkable anti-infectious activity, and is exceptionally mild so it can be used on any surface.

All the ingredients above are effective disinfectants that are mild enough to be used around food, children and pets. Their powerful germ-killing nature means there's no need to wipe our organic cleaner off any surface. Harmful bacteria is killed within 30 seconds of contact and keeps working to stop mold, fungus & yeast from forming. Our quick-dry, no-wipe formula means you need less time to clean your yoga mat and your home. Simply shake, spray & let dry.

Love My Mat Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner is perfect for use on your yoga mat, all your yoga accessories and your whole home. How can a yoga mat cleaner keep your home clean?

  • Spray your kitchen countertops & surfaces to kill salmonella, e-coli & listeria in less than 30 seconds 
  • Spray light switches, doorknobs & the toilet flusher to kill germs on contact 
  • Refresh your couches & linens without dispelling chemicals into the air 
  • Spray kids toys or floor mats to disinfect safely & quickly

Watch Shelley's video on how to effectively use Love My Mat Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner on your yoga mat and all your accessories!


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