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Meditation Cushions

Sitting Pretty Pillows
16" wide x 10" long x 4" deep

Release your hips & low back to easily sit for meditation, reading, eating or whatever. Sitting Pretty Pillows are our version of the traditional meditation cushion or zafu to help tight hipped folks sit cross legged comfortably.

Why the Half Moon shape?
Heart shaped meditation cushions often provide too much support under the thighs which doesn't allow the hips to open enough. Full circle shaped zafus don't provide any support for the thighs which can cause the hip flexors to grip instead of soften. Our Half Moon shaped Sitting Pretty Pillow gives just the right amount of support under the thighs so the hips open, the knees drop & the low back softens. We believe it's the most versatile shape for all bodies... like Goldie Locks finding baby bear's chair. 

Like all our yoga & meditation supplies, Sitting Pretty Pillow are made with reclaimed or discontinued fabrics so each one is as unique as you are.


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