We offer rentals of Meditation Cushions, Bolsters & Straps for groups of up to 50 people because we love our community and want to offer you as much support as we possibly can.  

Yoga & Meditation Prop Rental Rates for 2023

Sitting Pretty Pillows - $12 each
Long & Lean Bolsters - $14 each
Loop Straps - $4 each
Fees do not include delivery or tax. All rentals include washing fees.
Contact Shelley for all the possibilities! shelley@lovemymat.com
Vinyl Meditation Cushions for Rentals
Sitting Pretty Meditation Cushions for Rentals covered in wipeable Vinyl.
Rental Yoga Bolsters
Yoga Bolsters for rentals covered in wipeable vinyl.
Night at the Green House - Yoga Event in Hamilton, ON
Night at the Greenhouse - Yoga & Meditation Event in Hamilton, ON
Women's Yoga & Meditation Events with Love My Mat Sit Pillows
Yoga Prop Event Rentals
Women's Day Yoga & Meditation Event - in partnership with Moms Hamilton & Saje Wellness
Meditation Cushion Rentals
Yoga Prop Rentals for Events
Night At The Greenhouse Part 2 - Yoga & Meditation Event
We also offer rentals for smaller events in your home or yoga studio! Prop rental prices are the same whether you need 2 or 50 for your special event.
Bolsters for rent for special events
Reach out to Shelley @lovemymat.com for more details and options today!