Having multi-functional props is important because the more things you can use a prop for... the less props you need. And the less props you need... the less you have to buy. Which equals less money spent and less consumer waste.

We believe in the importance of buying less. That's why we make the highest quality yoga and meditation props to last you as long as possible. That's why we make multi-purpose props so you can own less, but still have maximum benefits. We want you to spend less but gain more.

At Love My Mat we're always looking for ways to support you in reducing your consumer waste. That's why you can buy just the covers for all our props. This way you can change the look without having to purchase a whole new prop. Reducing the need to buy a whole new bolster, when you can simply replace the cover to match your new living room or bedroom decor.

Below are some examples of how you can use one yoga prop or cushion to support you in many poses and many ways.

Sitting Pretty Pillows

These cushions were designed to help you sit cross-legged comfortably, but they can be used in so many other ways.

  • Kneel over your Sit Pillow
  • Place it under your knees in Table Top
  • Use it as a wedge between your shoulder & floor when twisting
  • Place the sit pillow between your knees or ankles for extra cushioning
  • Use it as a pillow when laying in savasana or any supine position
  • Lay your mid back over it instead of a yoga wheel to open your heart

Cushions for Yoga

Brea from Heart + Bones Yoga uses a meditation cushion and blocks to support her in a variation of supported fish pose.

Long & Lean Bolsters

We initially designed our bolsters to be a better chest opener for Supported Fish pose than traditional bolsters. But they have proven themselves beneficial in so many more ways.

  • Rest your forearms on the bolster when in Lizard Pose
  • Use a bolster instead of blocks under your hands in Warrior 3
  • Stand on a bolster instead of a block to challenge your balance
  • Sit on your bolster in place of a meditation cushion
  • Place a bolster under your knees while sleeping to stay on your back
  • Use the bolster as a back rest when reading in bed

yoga bolster for balance

Ginger uses her Long & Lean Bolster to help her balance in standing postures. You can use a bolster standing on its end when you don't have a wall to support you. 

We encourage you to use what you have and only buy what you need in yoga and life. 

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Living sustainably looks different for each one of us. It means asking yourself the hard questions when you feel you need something new.
Can you buy it used?
Can you borrow what you need from a friend?
Can you use something you already have around the house?
Can you purchase something versatile that fills several gaps in your life?
It means making deliberate decisions about what you spend your money on and where your money goes.

We encourage you to be a conscious consumer. Be mindful of the companies you are purchasing from and how you can get the most out of all the products you bring into your home.

Sending you love & rest as always,
xo Shelley


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