How Meditation Improves Sleep

How Meditation Improves Sleep

Does meditation help improve sleep? We think so! Read on to find out what type of meditations we recommend, what tools you need and how a nightly meditation routine can improve your quality of sleep.
How To Find Your Own Voice - Love My Mat

How To Find Your Own Voice

We got together with Lululemon Hamilton to offer a free event for the community. 75 people came together in a guided Group mediation, using bolsters, meditation cushions and chairs. Chris Wilson shares his experience of the event and how we helped him Find His Own Voice through visualization, tapping, movement & more.

Eye Pillow to help you sleep in savasana

Final Resting Pose - Corpse Pose for Bedtime

Sleeping in savasana has many benefits for your body. Consider laying in corpse pose for bedtime to improve your sleep and overall health.