Repair, Recover, or Replace Your Props? - Love My Mat

Repair, Recover, or Replace Your Props?

If you have props that you don't love - don't throw them away - let us update them for you! We will happily repair, mend, re-stuff, re-cover or refill your products so they maintain their life in a way that is supportive to your practice and the earth.
The best meditation cushions made in canada

The Best Meditation Cushion For You

See our comparison chart to help you determine which size and style of mediation cushion can help you meditate with ease.
How to Start a Meditation Practice - Love My Mat

How to Start a Meditation Practice

A great list of questions to ask yourself before starting your meditation practice. Plus tips, benefits and images of different meditation set ups.
Wellness & Recovery Tools to manage stress & anxiety

Wellness Essentials for Stressful Times

Learn how our products can have a positive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Read about my favourite tips and tools to help you feel best and de-stress during stressful times.
February 16, 2021 — Shelley Gordon
Benefits of Meditation - Love My Mat

Benefits of Meditation

Make a commitment to Sitting in Meditation. Try a free meditation program. Read about the benefits of daily meditation and learn some simple meditation methods to start. Learn how to de-stress and relieve anxiety with guided meditations.
How To Find Your Own Voice - Love My Mat

How To Find Your Own Voice

We got together with Lululemon Hamilton to offer a free event for the community. 75 people came together in a guided Group mediation, using bolsters, meditation cushions and chairs. Chris Wilson shares his experience of the event and how we helped him Find His Own Voice through visualization, tapping, movement & more.

How to be Mindful - Love My Mat

How to be Mindful

Your focus determines your reality. In times when it seems that everyone is feeling compressed, misunderstood and marginalized, the practice of mindfulness becomes even more crucial to slow the litany...