Meditation for Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness 2022

May is all about Mental Health! So we're giving you some of our pointers to help you take care of your own mental health and help support your family, friends and community.
2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide - Love My Mat

2022 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Give Mom the gift of love & rest this Mother's Day. We selected some of our favourite items and props to make it easy for you to help give that special mom in your life some love.
How to use a yoga bolster

How to Use A Yoga Bolster for Beginners

Some notes on why you need a bolster if you're new to yoga, how to make one at home plus the best and not-so-common ways to use a bolster.
What is a yoga bolster? 4 different size yoga bolsters.

What is a Yoga Bolster?

The history of the yoga bolster, what they're made of and how a bolster can benefit your life in more ways than just yoga.
7 Ways to Raise Your Energy with Yoga & Meditation

Seven Ways to Raise Your Energy

Feeling low? We're sharing 7 simply ways to raise your energy levels and improve your mood. Dedicating as little as three minutes can drastically shift your energy and mood.
Benefits of meditation

Jenny's Meditation Journey

Learn about Jenny's meditation journey and the benefits of meditation.  Learn tips to start your meditation practice and about different styles of meditation.
How to use Mantras for Meditation - Love My Mat

How to use Mantras for Meditation

Start your day right! Lots of example of mantras and how to use them to control negative feelings and improve your self esteem.
How to do Mountain Brook Pose

Mountain Brook Pose

A great pose to practice as we transition from winter to spring. Mountain Brook counteracts a slumped posture and tight chest that comes from sitting, modern-day activities and the tension we hold when we feel cold.

The Ultimate Restorative Yoga Prop Trifecta - Love My Mat

The Ultimate Restorative Yoga Prop Trifecta

Find deep rest and relaxation with 3 Restorative Yoga Props to add to your tool box.
Sustainable Self Care Bundle Gifts

Supporting Self Care

3 ways to practice self care with our Limited Edition Self Care Package. On sale for a limited time only.
How to Reduce Your Waste by Refilling - Love My Mat

How to Reduce Your Waste by Refilling

Ever heard of a refillery? It allows you to shift from a linear model of consumption (buy, use, throw away) to a circular one, where reducing waste and reusing existing containers is placed at the forefront.
how to rest - 7 types of rest

7 Types of Rest

Which type of rest is best for you? The answer might be different each day. Read on and see which rest you need right now and what tools can help you find the deepest rest possible.